Environmental Policy

Our environmental policy

At Lackan Cottage Farm we aim to minimise our environmental impact, whilst providing a consistently high standard of accommodation. We are aiming to be a One Planet destination, using no more of our share of the earth’s resources than is equitable, and we are using ecological footprinting as a method to measure our performance as we move towards this target. We also monitor biodiversity on site annually.

We will always comply with and if possible exceed the requirements of environmental legislation, and everyone here is deeply committed to ensuring that they live lightly on the earth.

All our energy needs for light, heat and water are met here on site from 100% carbon neutral sources, such as solar, wind and biomass, and our tree planting policy ensures that we are actually carbon positive as regards fuel.

We welcome visitors from not only the local community but worldwide to learn and share knowledge about ways in which we can minimise our ecological impact, through the use of practical examples.

Birch Cottage has been built using natural materials wherever possible, to provide a healthy living environment, and eliminate chemical treatments from the structure. We also reuse materials wherever possible.

Only ethically sourced products have been used in the cottage, and any provided are also ethically produced and fair trade where appropriate.

We encourage minimal consumption on-site, through the provision of energy monitoring, food produced on the farm or locally, and recycling of all food waste on-site. Additionally we provide composting toilets, and treat greywater before returning it to the environment.

At a series of open days and events throughout the year we welcome visitors to the farm, and host tree planting, walks and events such as foraging talks, to engage others in the work we do here.

We constantly strive to improve our performance and reduce our ecological footprint to a level that is truly sustainable, and make information freely available in order to help others do the same.